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Duty & Destruction I:
A Real Female Experiences Life in and out of the U.S. Military

Autobiography/Military; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-0-3; Approximate Pages—550; 6.0" x 9.0"; $30.95; PBK

Excerpt: After having nodded off..., I'm now awake and am seeing a big, black, and bull-dog-like soldier of a super snake. He's since slithered off of the main road leading back to the base, or the post.

"Where you're headed…?" I question him right through the terribly thick haziness of my nakedly dark reality.


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Life's Poetic Dichotomies

Some of life's biggest dichotomies are juxtaposed poetically.

Poetry; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-1-0; Approximate Pages—70; 7.5" x 9.7"; $9.95; PBK

Excerpt: I've almost always exercis'd to better my Health; When all's been done—what's left—death?


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Her Poetic Rise

It is for the religiously poetic that blends religion and feminism.

Poetry; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-2-7; Approximate Pages—65; 7.5" x 9.7"; $9.95; PBK

Excerpt: At court, the woman's protect'd from any Turmoil; She simply won't be foil'd or soil'd nor coil'd into anything that's not of His toil.


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Life's Short Stories

Fictional characters vie to live their own lives.

Short Stories/Fiction; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-3-4; Approximate Pages—70; 6.7" x 9.6"; $10.95; PBK

Excerpt: It wasn't the time to neither begrudge nor be an old grumpy grump living in the grumps, grumbling, most grumpily.


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Life's Mixed Poetry

Poems are mixed schematically, stylistically, and randomly.

Poetry; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-4-1; Approximate Pages—65; 7.5" x 9.7"; $8.95; PBK

Excerpt: I almost always seek to have a measure of it—Peace; Yet, it's what almost certainly keeps peace at bay—workaholic beast.


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Life's Novellas: Fate Waits Upon No One

The good and the bad are juxtaposed, chronologically, fictionally, and theatrically.

Short Stories/Fiction; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-5-8; Approximate Pages—95; 6.7" x 9.6"; $11.95; PBK

Excerpt: The good and the bad love each other despite their hatred of one another.


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Their Poetic Minds

Poems are juxtaposed, religiously, femininely, and dichotomously.

Poetry; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-6-5; Approximate Pages—60; 7.5" x 9.7"; $9.95; PBK

Excerpt: Because of her faith in God Almighty, she's nev'r touch'd by Despair;

Like the feminine Big Foot, that cares everything for being His would-be heir(ess).

Excerpt: It's what shines upon the man in his darkest hour of need, Lightness;

Yet, he's un-able to see it because he's blind to the evil ways of woman-kind, sightless.


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Poems of Life

Poems are mixed schematically, stylistically, and randomly.

Poetry; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-7-2; Approximate Pages—60; 7.5" x 9.7"; $7.95; PBK

Excerpt: I almost certainly try to have lots of it, Peace;

Since, it's what almost always loves my company, a fabulous feast.


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Life's Heart Break

In the end, will Zenald discover what may be one of life's biggest heart-breaks: heart-ache?

Short Story/Fiction; ISBN: 978-0-985069-8-9-6; Approximate Pages—100; 5.0" x 8.0"; $8.95; PBK

Excerpt: ...I'm even a bit embarrassed to say so, too. That, I've needed some protection from the very likes of female users, and mis-users, and even abusers, or god-damned losers...!




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